Amazing Filipino Food in Portland: 25+ Restaurants & Pop-Ups

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First and foremost, before we get started, I want to dedicate this blog post to my good sister-in-blogging Millette from The Next Somewhere, because without her, it would have taken me SO MUCH LONGER to discover the magic of all the delicious Filipino food in Portland. Shoutout to the realest in the game.

Let me paint a picture for you.

The date was March 10th, 2020.

Millette was visiting Portland for a job conference and had arrived an afternoon early to get prepped and also to eat with me. Naturally. After doing a bit of tax-free shopping (and Millette gifting me a phone holder for my car lol), it was time for dinner. “It’s a Filipino place,” Millette said enthusiastically as she pulled up a restaurant on her phone that she had saved for a while. “Have you been before?”

I typed in the suggestion in my phone, now safely poised near my steering wheel. “I haven’t, but I’ve heard about this spot.”

This restaurant had recently gotten a good amount of press, both for being one of the few but mighty restaurants serving Filipino food in Portland AND for having an amazing team of chefs, waitstaff, bartenders, and everyone behind the scenes. I was beyond intrigued. It was a bonus that it would also be my first time getting Filipino food in Portland.

We got to the restaurant and were seated extremely fast, and though there were only two other tables seated that afternoon, the atmosphere was lively and friendly. Millette walked me through a few of the iconic Filipino dishes, as well as a few with interesting spins on the classics. After ordering practically the entire menu, we family-style went to TOWN.

I knew Portland had some good food, even if it took looking beyond all the “best of” lists by large publications that sometimes recommend based on popularity over seasoning. But I never knew how amazing the Filipino food in Portland was.

That restaurant was my last meal out before Portland/America/the world’s COVID-19 lockdown (with varying degrees depending on location), and it has been my biggest honor to see how the growth, expansion, and celebration of Filipino food in Portland over the last few years since.

So a few things to note before we dive in: this post is not sponsored or gifted by anyone. I personally ate at all of these restaurants and paid for my meal in full, plus tip! AND IT IS MY PLEASURE TO DO SO!! I will update this list for Filipino food in Portland as I eat at more restaurants, or when owners choose to pursue new avenues, so hopefully this list can continue being a relevant resource for helping you find the most up-to-date information on all the wonderful Filipino food in Portland and the surrounding cities. Now without further ado!

Disclaimer: I’m not a food blogger. I unfort couldn’t find most of my pastry pics from farmer’s markets. And don’t come for my pictures of me eating in my car on my way to work lol

Filipino Food in Portland

Since most travelers will probably want to focus their time in the city, we’re going to start off with Filipino food in Portland proper. And specifically, we’re going to start with restaurants and dining establishments with set opening and closing times!

Magna Kusina

2525 SE Clinton St, Portland, OR 97202

sit down | free street parking

I don’t usually start these lists in any particular order, but in this case, Magna Kusina is first on the list because…SURPRISE, it was my first introduction to Filipino food in Portland. Yup, that’s right, Millette and I were one of the lucky last tables pre-pandemic. But aside from this restaurant having a personal story for me, I also love to recommend it for fun date nights and for catching up with friends because the energy there really is electric.

I don’t have a favorite dish because I usually end up ordering three or four things, but their skewers and lumpia are a MUST. Recently, they have expanded to offering a new lunch menu which is sure to be amazing. Magna Kusina has earned more than a few food awards and nominations, but still keeps both the food and service consistently spectacular. The owner is particularly active in the Portland food community, and it’s always so encouraging to see restaurant folks modeling what peer support should look like. Thanks Magna Kusina for being such a Portland staple!

Wake Cafe

smashed avocado toast with filipino flair

1055 N Anchor Way Ste 120, Portland, OR 97217

sit down | free street parking

Another spot that is near and dear to my heart, Wake Cafe up in North Portland. From the genius mind behind the previous Derby in Kenton, Wake Cafe has one of THE BEST baristas in the Portland metro area and -surprise- also offers up some delicious Filipino food in Portland by way of my FAVORITE meal of the day. BREAKFAST. Nothing gets me going like a good breakfast spot, and as one of the best breakfast in Portland, Wake Cafe also boasts a very calm and lowkey vibe to start the morning off right.

My favorite items to order are the Filipino breakfast (classic!!) and the cardamom french toast. Absolutely DIVINE. Wake Cafe is also connected to Josie’s Grocery (more on that later), so you can easily grab pre-made meals to go for convenience! The owner is one of thhheeee nicest people I’ve ever met and also one of the most talented. Aside from having a beautiful space, Wake Cafe is so intentionally and beautifully curated. It really makes you feel like you’ve stumbled upon a little local neighborhood gem – because you have.

Baon Kainan

a to-go box with rice, bacon, tomatoes, and eggs

1027 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211

food cart, covered seating available | free street parking

Baon Kainan is another big name making waves when it comes to Filipino food in Portland. They just moved their cart to Alberta, joining the aptly named Alberta Carts Pod! There’s covered seating so, regardless of weather, you’re in the clear. I mean, in a city like Portland, my favorite food cart pods MUST have covered seating (and bonus points if there’s also some sort of temperature control with heaters – Alberta Carts Pod has both!).

I highly recommend their chicken adobo and their sisig (which can be made vegan!), tho I’ve never had a bad dish so feel free to branch out and try everything! Since visiting the Philippines, I’ve become a LOUD lover of calamansi, so if you want something you can’t get anywhere else in Portland, definitely get their hot calamansi cider to compliment the food!


bowl of rice with lechon, tomatoes, and a fried egg

585 SW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97205

sit down | paid street parking

It’s…almost embarrassing how obsessed I am with Sunrice.

It’s like the freakin BAT SIGNAL anytime I see their logo somewhere on a surprise pop-up or special event because I WILL BE THERE SUITED UP AND READY FOR ACTION. I got my first taste of Sunrice (that I know of) when they were cooking out of Deadshot Bar‘s kitchen (great bar btw). We ordered an assortment of items from the menu and they were all equally fantastic. Even my bf, who is a notoriously harsher food critic than I am, took one bite and immediately added Sunrice to his running list of “recommended Portland restaurants.”

For context, he only has a total 18 restaurants (including food trucks, fine dining, cafes, and bakeries) on that list. There are HUNDREDS of restaurants in Portland. It is THE most exclusive Portland food list in existence.

Anyways, we darted around the city following Sunrice from pop-up to pop-up after their Deadshot residency finished and their food has only grown and improved from there. Now, I am happy to announce they have a permanent location in the Moxy hotel! They join a few other booths in the hotel’s connected food hall.

No matter what you get, it’s going to be delicious. Even their juice. They also sometimes/usually (?) have HeyDay donuts for sale – which are one of the best donuts in Portland in my humble opinion. If you don’t know now you knowwww. Basically, if you want good Filipino food in Portland, go to Sunrice and thank me later.


a big juicy burger with lots of toppings

1015 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97214

food cart, covered seating available | free street parking

Another one of my favorite food cart pods, and the one I probably go to the most based on proximity, is the Lil America Cart Pod. They have an assortment of AMAZING food carts, and among them is the incredible Makulit food cart! Staffed by some of the dopest people in Portland, Makulit serves their take on “Filipino fast food” in the form of burgers, chicken bites, poutine, and…well, of course lumpia.

Always gotta have the lumpia.

I must say though, the burgers are my absolute favorite to order, and what makes them one of my favorite places to get burgers in Portland is that they have a DELICIOUS patty. That’s where it all starts. Idk how they flavor it, or what sweet-nothings they whisper to it as it cooks, but that patty is PATTIED. Then to top it all off, literally, they have delicious sauces and other ingredients that really ties it all together.

Fork And Spoon

plate of pancit

10634 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97220

sit down | free street parking

If you’re looking for Filipino food in Portland on the more traditional side with comfort foods you know and love, then definitely stop by Fork and Spoon. I didn’t get to try them in their early days as a food cart in the Beaverton area, but their brick and mortar is so incredibly cute and cozy that it feels like a neighborhood staple even though it’s only been opened since 2018! Tho I suppose in pandemic years (and with how much the food scene changes in Portland), the restaurant has stood the true test of time and is still going strong!!

I visited pretty early in my introduction to Filipino food in Portland, and the owner was truly so sweet and nice and gave me explanations of different dishes and a few of her personal recommendations. They’ve got a great menu with a lot of range, but my favorites are still their sisig and pancit. I also want to point out that they have a lot of room, so it’s a great spot for a larger group!

Hunny Beez

filipino chicken adobo rice bowl hunny beez

1434 SW Park Ave, Portland, OR 97209

sit down | paid street parking

Hunny Beeeeeeezzzz!! Aside from their amazing tastes (I’ll get to that in a bit), I love that Hunny Beez conveniently brings Filipino food in Portland to the hub of the city. It’s right across the street from the Portland Art Museum, the Oregon Historical Society, the Lincoln Performance Hall, and down the street from the Keller Auditorium. And of course super close to PSU. Literally its SO convenient. Thanks Hunny Beez for making Filipino food in Portland so easy to access.

Alright, now onto the actual food part. If you’ve read my blog post on the best chicken wings in Portland, then you already know my go-to order is their adobo wings. BUT, I also highly recommend both their rice bowls and sandwiches for a tasty and super filling meal. Y’all also know I love a good tea and mocktail, and Hunny Beez providesss with boba, lemonades, and sparklers.

And also get the ube cheesecake.

St. Barbra Pinoy Bakery

2311 SW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97201

take out | free street parking

As the name suggests, St. Barbra Pinoy Bakery is a staple for Filipino food in Portland because of their incredible baked goodies! They do also have a few hot menu items, but since those dishes are made to order, I’d recommend calling and ordering ahead. The adobo is fantastic though. There are also breakfast burritos available that you can grab and go, but I personally haven’t tried them yet (probably also delicious though).

So back to the baked goods, they were my first experience with ensymada (specifically the ube one!!!) and for that I am forever grateful. This is a bakery that you could seriously get your bulk of pandesal on the regular. That’s where I want to be in life, that I have a “bread spot.” I’m not there quite yet (because I work like 6 days a week haha), but until then I’ll be happily swinging by for my little treats.

Hapa Barkada

1300 NW Lovejoy St, Portland, OR 97209

sit down | paid street parking

Yooo first, I just want to start with saying Below by Botanist, the lounge where Hapa Barkada currently resides, is literally one of my favorite bars in Portland. First, it’s a super cute space with an almostttt speakeasy typa vibe, but super casual and non-intimidating. It’s beautiful inside and is one of my new favorite spots to catch up with friends.

Okay onto the food! A lot of the places serving Filipino food in Portland also blend in other island cuisines, and in the case of Hapa Barkada, the food side is Filipino Hawaiian cuisine from the beautiful collaboration of Barkada (a Filipino pop-up) and Hapa Howies (a Hawaiian food truck). AND IT’S DELICIOUS. I’ve loved everything I’ve order and I’ve almost made my way through the whole menu, which is very customizable for dietary restrictions (veg/vegan friendly!). Also, for a bar, I love that the portions were surprisingly sizeable.

Since they do operate out of a bar, the drinks are really swanky and pair well. On the weekdays, the atmosphere is more lowkey, but on the weekends it livens up with DJs and whatnot, so pick your preference or try them both out! Also, the bar is downstairs, so if you use a wheelchair or mobility device, or prefer not to take stairs, there is a building elevator that goes down to the basement.

Tambayan Restaurant

6014 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97206

sit down | free street parking

Disclaimer, I’ve only been to Tambayan once because of my work hours, but I will definitely be back! I want to give them a special shoutout because I stumbled in like 20 minutes before they closed (again because of my work hours) and the staff was still super welcoming and friendly and excited to explain their menu. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel guilty busting in a business close to closing time???

Anyways, love that Tambayan is serving up Filipino food in Portland that is more on the traditional side, and the service is really quick and even easy to eat on the go (I had to get back to work lol). But they also had a lot of space so if you had a larger group that wanted to grab some Filipino food in Portland, this would be a great option! Can’t wait to go back and try more things!

LGM Delicacies

filipino spaghetti

3905 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97266

food cart, covered seating available | free street parking

HONESTLLYYYY!!!! One of my new favorite food carts in Portland. Y’all know (or maybe you don’t) that I LOVE Filipino spaghetti, and LGM Delicacies is my favorite place to get it! They are located in the Eastport Food Carts which has a really nice indoor seating area in addition to outdoor tables so you’re covered (literally) no matter the weather.

The owner of the cart is literally so nice and offers helpful suggestions depending on what you’re in the mood for, so if you’ve never had Filipino food in Portland (or otherwise), you’ll get plenty of great recommendations to try. LGM Delicacies also has GIANT lumpia. Quite literally the largest in the city hahah.

Another great thing about this cart, and why I love to go when I get off work from my second job, is that the portions are SO GENEROUS! Guaranteed leftovers, potentially for two additional meals. LGM Delicacies holds me down.


BBQ lechon on rice

4708 NW Bethany Blvd E-8, Portland, OR 97229

sit down | free parking lot

By it’s address Kubo is technicallyyyy in Portland, but for locals you know that the Bethany area is practically Beaverton. So just know if you don’t have a car, it might take you a bit longer to get there from Portland proper – but it’s so worth it.

It’s located in a shopping center so there’s lots of open parking which is a nice switch-up from the city-city, but just a heads up that Kubo does have pretty limited seating (about two tables for parties of 2 or 3). The food is incredible, and while everything I’ve tasted has been among the best of the best Filipino food in Portland, I GOTS to give a shoutout to their BBQ. My goodnesssss it’s delicious!

So delicious that they do sell out, so if that’s your order, I’d recommend not waiting until the end of the day. If you couldn’t tell, it has happened to me, hahah. That said, the rest of the menu is great too, so either way it’s a tasty time!

Desserts, Drinks, Pastries, and Pop-Ups

So those are some fantastic regulars that bless us with so much delicious Filipino food in Portland, but what about some of the other small businesses in the city? As the header suggests, now we’re gonna get into all the dessert, bakeries, and pop-up spots that also provided us all with equally delicious Filipino food in Portland! If you’ve never had pandesal, you need to fix that immediately.

big juicy breakfast sandwich

Balong: Best breakfast sandwich in Portland. Arguably, best I’ve had in the world. I could stop there, honestly, because Balong is a gem that I am SO SO grateful is in Portland. They’re currently hanging out at Cadejo Coffee (amazing cafe btw), but follow their IG for updates on where they’re popping up because YOU NEEDDDDD to try it. If there’s one thing to put on your bucketlist, make sure it’s to eat balong (yes that was a pun).

The Kalat House: Formerly known as Kasama Made, you can get your hands on their baked goods from custom orders, pop-up events, or their monthly pre-order variety boxes!

Kalesa Coffee: Such a dope coffee shop, and home to so many breads, pastries, and sweets baked by some of the other fabulous people mentioned in this section! Also, you can add ube whip to any drink, which is A+!!!

hand holding a cup with a dollop of ube whip cream on top of the milk foam
Kalesa Coffee

Shop Halo Halo: One half of the brick and mortar Botanical Bakeshop (with the other half being Filipino-owned plant shop Daphne’s Botanicals), I first tasted Shop Halo Halo in their pop-up days and have been in love ever since! Lots of delicious baked goods like cookies and cupcakes and creme brulee tarts!

Allie G’s Pastries: AGP is a HOT pop-up with creative takes on Filipino flavors, so you’ll want to follow their IG for their latest events! Though to get your regular fix, I’ve been able to pick up their pastries at Kalesa Coffee!

Kanin Club: They pop-up often at Street Disco (dope place btw), and they’re really putting the spin on Filipino food in Portland. They do everything from innovative drinks to reimagined comforts, I can’t wait for their next event!

basura pop-up menu featuring sunrice, street disco, and kanin club
Basura: Pop-up at Street Disco in collaboration with Sunrice and Kanin Club

Portland Metro Area

So yesss…this blog post is focused on Filipino food in Portland due to…like travel logistics. But for residents and visitors alike, please know that there are ALSO multiple restaurants outside of the city boundaries that provide Filipino food in Portland metro area. Because people ALSO live outside of Portland haha. And honestly I visit a few of these more than some of the ones that are farther out in Portland.

They’re equally delicious and there’s some dope stuff in the surrounding towns so give them so love too!!


  • Kuya’s Casa – Filipino & Mexican cuisine, the fusion I didn’t know I was missing from my life. For that alone, go wild and order everything, but for some suggestions I recommend the pancit, adobo, and sinigang!
bowl of chicken adobo from hapapino


  • Hapapino – Food truck serving Filipino & Hawaiian and BABYYYYY go early cuz they sell OUT. One of my favs serving Filipino food in Portland, and literally love everything on their menu. 100/10!
  • Magna Kubo – From the minds behind Magna Kusina, they’re lighting up downtown Beaverton! You can also get great baked goods from a few of the pop-ups above! I also love their brunch!
cup of halo halo in magna kubo
Magna Kubo


  • Kuya’s Islander Cuisine – Karaoke lovers, where y’all atttt?!?!? The food is delicious and the restaurant is truly the best of vibes. It feels like you’re at a family BBQ with how fun and familiar the restaurant is.


  • Rommel’s Food Truck – While also popping up inside company campus cafes, you can find their truck out and about so be sure to follow them on IG to stay updated. Their RIBBSSSS omg it’s so good!!!
  • Bobalicious Cafe – I usually go for boba, but when I first visited I was surprised to see they also serve Filipino food in Portland metro! Very homestyle cafe that feels nostalgic with great tastes to back it up.
plate of filipino food in front of a laptop
Rommel’s Food Truck


  • Kayt’s Kitchen – A fun (and delicious) bakery pop-up currently set up at Chapters in Newberg. Kayt’s has just had sooo so many good bites, I can’t pick just one. They also do a bagel pre-order!

Caterers & Cooking

Okay so let’s say you want Filipino food in Portland…but you kinda want it at your own convenience – this city has still gotchu. Circling back to the amazing Josie’s Grocery, it’s the cutest little market attached to Wake Cafe. You can grab pre-made meals to take to go and then the hard part of meal prepping is all taken care of for you.

If you are more culinary inclined, then you can stop by Philippine Market (in Beaverton) for a local grocery store for ingredients so you can make your own meals inspired by all this delicious Filipino food in Portland! But also if you change your mind on cooking, they also have hot food made-to-order for ya!

And finally, for large events, you can also order Filipino food in Portland for catering! Most of the above listed restaurants ALSO cater (Wake Cafe, Kubo, etc) and I highly recommend them, but as a stand-alone caterer, check out Kahel Filipino Cuisine!

gif saying "first class catering"

Pour One Out

As I try to keep this list of Filipino food in Portland updated, I also want to leave space for those spots that were so loved by the community but are no longer in operation.

  • Derby PDX
  • Pono Brewing/Brew Labs

Stay Updated

And finally, I want to wrap this up by reminding everyone that I’m not a food blogger. I am a blogger that loves food, but…specifically I’m not a food blogger. Idk if you could tell by my photos. So while I have my favorite spots for Filipino food in Portland, I don’t always have the latest news on new places and pop-ups in town.

But you know who does?

Nori from Nom Nom Nori. She is such a powerful and influential voice in Portland, and I don’t mean that in the social media sense (tho that too), but because Nori is such an incredibly passionate and inspiring creative. Through a few of her community collectives and projects such Tikim and Kolectivo, I personally have had the opportunity to engage and appreciate Filipino culture in a way that wouldn’t have been accessible to me without.

For that, thank you Nori for the space and community you help cultivate and nourish. Nori and everyone involved in Tikim and Kolectivo (and more!) have contributed something priceless to Filipino food in Portland and beyond.

High tea event at Abigail Hall, hosted by Tikim

I attended a Tikim high tea event and it was such an amazing experience. Definitely give Nori a follow to get the latest pulse for Filipino food in Portland and other foodie news around Oregon.

AND speaking of high tea, while Skywater Teahouse technically doesn’t serve Filipino food in Portland, I also want to shout them out because the owners are super dope and they are one of my favorite teahouses in Portland.


Whew, okay, that was a lot. But I really hope it’s helped you find some new spots for Filipino food in Portland (or remind you to stop by some favorites). For me personally, I haven’t heard as much excitement for Filipino cuisine as in Portland, and for that I am so pumped (and can I say BLESSED) that I get that experience here. You’ve just seen the list, there’s BOMB Filipino food in Portland!

Another demolished bowl from Sunrice

So on that note, if you’ve been to any of these spots, let me know in the comments below which were your favorites. Or if I’ve missed any, please let me know as well! Thank you to all those mentioned for introducing me to such a rich and complex cuisine – especially before my own trip to the Philippines.

Now that you’re hungry, go get you some Filipino food in Portland. Filipino food SLAPS as leftovers – so order a second entree to go!

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