Are Flower Baths in Bali Worth it? 3 Secret Things You Need to Know

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I just want to put on the record that I don’t really like flowers – or, more accurately, flower petals. I don’t like any plant debris, honestly. Leaves, twigs, tree fluff…it all grosses me out. I step around it when it piles up on the sidewalk. And when all that stuff gets WET???? Even worse. So, I’m probably not the first person you’d expect to sign up to take one of those flower baths in Bali.

But you know what they say.

Content over comfort.

Jk jk jk jk jk jk – this blogging thing doesn’t make me any money. In fact, I blog at a loss lol, so clearly comfort is a much higher priority when it comes to my blog and all things social media. But, alas, I’ve always been too curious for my own good.

But you know what they say about curiosity.

Anyways, I’m getting ahead of myself.

What are the Flower Baths in Bali?

Well, put simply, they are baths with a bunch of flowers in them. But…how did flower baths in Bali come to be a “thing?” To that, we gotta start at the root – the flower.

I’m not expert, but Bali has a very deep spiritual relationship with flowers which stems from (no pun intended) Balinese Hinduism. Hinduism is the prominent religion in Bali, known on the island as Agama Hindu Dharma, and is a mix of Indian Hinduism, Buddhist influences, and Indigenous animistic beliefs – the belief that all things have a distinct spiritual essence, including objects, places, and creatures.

Spiritual offerings and celebrations make use of variety of flowers in Bali. Canang sari, the daily floral offering, is the most visible (but also foundational) element of Balinese Hinduism. The canang sari is typically placed on shrines, outside of homes and shops, temples, and in public spaces as a daily act of devotion and gratitude, which each type of flower holding a specific significance.

Flowers and flower arrangements are part of Balinese culture, ranging from personal bouquets to tall flower towers. So, transferring those floral arrangements into flower baths in Bali spas was a natural progression. Along with the various perks that flowers have brewing in bath water (roses are calming, lavender is anti-inflammatory etc etc), they also have spiritual meaning in their arrangements.

Also, they’re just very pretty.

So it’s no surprise that in SE Asia where spas and massages are already commonplace, travelers would be interested in the uniquely beautiful flower baths in Bali.

Best Flower Baths in Bali

Now, I’ve only been to Bali once, so I can’t personally speak to where to find the “best” flower baths in Bali, but I do have a few recommendations from the spa I went to (and enjoyed!) and spas visited by a few friends.

As a quick tip, since taking flower baths in Bali is a popular activity, I highly recommend making reservations in advance!! Some may require you to pay a deposit upfront (paid through their online portal) so that’s totally normal.

  • Kaveri Spa (at the Udaya Resort): This is the spa I went to and claims to be the first spa to advertise these flower baths for “tourism.” The resort and spa are both beautiful and I enjoyed the hospitality.
  • Svaha Spa Bisma
  • Karsa Spa

And you can even experience flower baths in Bali as part of a spa tour with pick-up and drop-off included!

EXPOSED: Flower Baths in Bali

Now, you might’ve already made up you mind whether you’d like to indulge in one of these flower baths in Bali during your visit but…there are a few things you should probably know in advance.

A few things that you might not see too many influencers sharing – either because they are one of the few lucky ones or because they were on a sponsored/hosted stay and had a different experience than us mere mortals may find.

I don’t want these to scare you off flower baths in Bali, after all I would recommend it as an experience, but…there are a few things you might want to know beforehand in CASE it changes your mind. Unpleasant surprises can make or break an experience, but a heads up can make it tolerable and manage your expectations.

Secret #1: It’s a Photoshoot FIRST and Foremost

This point is probably the least surprising, but just in case you thought the flower baths in Bali were just that – a pretty bath – no. It’s a whole production.

The baths are usually pointed out towards some scenic background, and (unless you state you DON’T want it), a spa attendant will direct you how to slowly slink into the decorated bath inch by inch. Then they will transform into your personal photographer, suggesting poses and angles and adjusting the settings on your camera to get the best lighting.

Since a lot of folks choose to do the flower baths in Bali FOR a good picture, this is exactly what they’re looking for – especially for solo travelers. But for folks who are shy, or would prefer something more relaxing…just know that the default is photoshoot. Just let them know ahead of time if photos aren’t your thing.

TIP: To get the most of your photoshoot, take a look through the spa’s instagram and save photos you would like to recreate so you remember the poses and angles!

Secret #2: Cold

On that note…the flower baths in Bali aren’t really that warm. One, because HOT water would for sure wilt the flowers. But also because water just doesn’t retain heat for an entire 45 minute bath. My bath started out very warm, close to my normal bath water, but after about 5-10 minutes…it cools off very fast. Pretty much after you finish taking your pictures…the water is cold.

If it doesn’t start off cold to begin with (which a few friends have noted about their flower baths in Bali).

Kaveri Spa jacuzzi

TIP: There’s not too much to do about the water temperature, it’s kind of the name of the game, but if you are looking for a bath to actually relax in, Kaveri Spa where I went had an separate jacuzzi that people could use after their baths! It’s not private, but not too many people opt to use it, so you might get the large jacuzzi to yourself anyway!

Secret #3: Bugs

Now…the big kicker…

The flower baths in Bali have bugs. Yes. Bugs.

When you think about it, it makes sense. You’re in Bali, which is a humid tropical place. With bugs. Then you go fill a bathtub with fresh flowers. The thing bugs live in.

The equation sums up to bugs being in the bath.

And while it’s not literally FILLEDDD with bugs…yeah, there might be a catepillar or two under a flower petal. I didn’t see any of the large bugs in my bath, but I definitely had a couple ants crawling around (which are…easy to ignore for the purpose of getting a picture, not so much for relaxing). However, my boyfriend’s bath DEFINITELY had a bit more of the ecosystem in his bath and, since he is not a bug guy, he was over it and immediately got out after a quick photo.

Some folks get lucky and they didn’t have any bugs in their bath (that they noticed anyway) and that’s great!!! But after hearing multiple stories from people confirming similar experiences to mine, I don’t think it’s a one off that we saw bugs in our flower baths in Bali.

It is what it is.

TIP: If you’re strongly opposed to sharing your lukewarm bathwater with bugs for a quick picture, then you can opt for a citrus bath! They are just as pretty but..yanno, no bugs from all the flowers!

Are the Flower Baths in Bali Worth it?

Okay, here me out – especially after that last point. In my humble opinion, the flower baths in Bali ARE worth it.

If you know what you’re getting into.

For beautiful photos and a unique spa experience, yes absolutely. For a normal relaxing bath…mmm you might be better off booking a cheaper bath without the flower arrangement. And of course, there are a variety of price ranges, so be sure to look around so that the price is comparable to your desire to get experience the flower baths in Bali.

And that’s all I got for today! Most of the flower baths in Bali will be located in the city of Ubud, but there are spas all over the island. For example, I stayed in Seminyak, about an hour away from Ubud, so if you don’t feel like visiting Ubud, you can go to spa in Seminyak – along with a bunch of other fun things to do in Seminyak!

Have you ever done one of the flower baths in Bali? Did yours have bugs?!?! Let me know your experience in the comments below!

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