The 13 Best Lesbian Bars in Denver: Girls’ Night Out!

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I didn’t spend too much time in Denver, and since I’m not a big drinker I actually didn’t visit any bars. But bars are a great meeting spot for solo travelers, or just a good place to unwind (or wind up lol) and experience a new angle of a city’s nightlife. But since I don’t have any useful knowledge, I’m handing the reigns over to Denver resident Kara from Happening in Denver to give us the scoop on the best lesbian bars in Denver.

The LGBTQ+ community in Denver continues to grow, celebrating people for who they are and providing comfortable spaces for people to express themselves. Bars and nightclubs throughout the city are committed to celebrating LGBTQ+ people. Whether you’re a person whose ideal Saturday night is eating the best sushi in Denver or someone who wants to be on the dancefloor, you’ll find your ideal vibe at these lesbian bars in Denver. 

*If you’re not American, please note that the legal drinking age in the USA is 21 years old. You will need to show a photo-ID (passports work!) with your birthdate either at the bar entrance, when ordering an alcoholic beverage, or both.

What to Expect from the Lesbian Bars in Denver? 

In truth, there aren’t many exclusively lesbian bars in Denver. In fact, there’s only one. But most places pride themselves (no pun intended) on being inclusive and welcoming of anyone who is part of the LGBTQ+ community. Blush & Blu is the only lesbian bar left in the city, but thankfully it is not the only safe haven for lesbians in Denver. 

Most of these establishments focus on providing a safe space where queer people feel comfortable being themselves. The city, as a whole, is also very diverse compared to the rest of the Great Plains states, and has a large population of LGBTQ+ folks. Inclusivity is one of the main driving factors for many transplants to Denver and around the country.

Similar in most cities, the LGBTQ+ scene in Denver is probably the most diverse part of the city, and the lesbian bars in Denver are especially accepting of all shapes and bodies of its customers.

The Best Lesbian Bars in Denver?

So you’re in Denver for a few days? Take a load off and grab a drink at these fine lesbian bars in Denver!

Blush and Blu

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Yes, we know Blush & Blu is one of Denver’s most popular LGBTQ+ bars, and for good reason. It is one of the few exclusively lesbian bars left in America, and the only one in Denver. The daily weekday happy hour isn’t the only thing attracting people from all over the city.

This bar is located in the middle of East Colfax and is integral to the Denver lesbian community. The bar hosts a different theme every night which includes food or drink specials. We’re talking karaoke nights, comedy shows, and even lesbian speed dating.

Blush & Blu has a merch line, and a percentage of its sales goes to a local organization focused on uplifting LGBTQ+ youth. Be sure to check out their Sunday brunch or pop in for chai if alcohol isn’t for you. 

X Bar

women dancing together in a nightclub

X Bar is known for its inclusivity toward the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. They are famous for the pink flamingos that they showcase during pride celebrations, and they are definitely the place to be if you want to get your dance on.

The bar has nightly specials, drink deals, and boasts two dance floors and a large patio section. Whether you consider yourself a dancing queen or want a place to drink and relax, X Bar is the place. At the very least, stop by for a great happy hour menu and meet some new friends!


If dance bars are not your scene, East Colfax’s R&R is a great space to meet up with friends for a few drinks. The owner, Rich Illgen, used to own another historic Denver gay bar, Triangle, which was recently resurrected. 

Described as a “low-key cocktail bar” it is one of the oldest gay bars in Denver. The neon sign complete with a martini glass that hangs over its door highlights the bar’s old-school charm. 

The bar offers a light-hearted atmosphere that makes the small space scream acceptance. R&R has become a favorite amongst Denver’s queer community, and a favorite hangout for Denver lesbians.


women dancing together on a dance floor

Although there aren’t many exclusive lesbian bars in Denver, there are plenty of safe spaces for lesbians and allies. Tracks is an LGBTQ+ nightclub that prides itself on being one of those places. 

The club regularly hosts exciting themed nights and drag shows on Thursdays to Sundays. Tracks has provided young people a safe space for nearly 40 years and is a Denver LGBTQ+ staple, especially for their open mic nights.

Hamburger Mary’s

two women having brunch

Hamburger Mary’s is an essential cultural institution in modern Denver history. Most of their events revolve around drag performances and drag culture. At any given moment, you can expect flying wigs and gut-busting laughs accompanied by delicious food.

Several local drag performers say it’s their favorite spot to perform as patrons engage more with their shows. Grab your significant other, gal pals, or even your new friends you met in line and reserve your dinner with a side of drag.


three women sitting at a bar

Trade is an excellent choice if you are into kink and fetish. It is a gathering spot for everyone in the kink and leather community. Although technically not exclusively labeled as one of the lesbian bars in Denver, their Facebook page emphasizes that they are welcoming to all in the queer and kink community.

A kink bar is a place where queer sexuality is embraced and explored, and their Juicebox nights are not to be missed. They also host regular events like karaoke, beer busts, movie nights, and underwear nights.


The Triangle that stands today is a resurrection of the iconic Denver gay bar located in the same triangular building. They aim to create a heightened queer-bar experience through their farm-fresh food choices, a large menu of signature cocktails, and a rotating roster of queer DJs. 

If you’re a brunch-loving woman and you’ve tried all the best bottomless mimosas in Denver, Triangle is your next spot to visit. Every Sunday they have themed drag brunches that include a delicious food menu, coffee cocktails, mimosa carafes, and a cast of talented drag performers. 

Triangle also hosts tequila and taco nights every Friday and all-you-can-eat-wings every Thursday. In addition to their delicious offerings, Triangle is also dedicated to being more environmentally friendly and it is partially wind-powered.


This eclectic bar is owned by the Mirandas, a family known to Colorado’s hospitality industry since 1979. What you will love about #VYBE is how inclusive it is and is welcoming towards everyone in the LGBTQ+ community. It’s no wonder it’s a local favorite for lesbian bars in Denver, even just by familiarity.

The bar boasts a daily happy hour from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm making it the ideal spot for after-work drinks. They also have special events like drag bingo, Karaoke with Sexy Jesus, and drag shows from queens like Kat Danger and Krystal Towers. 

#VYBE has also become the place to watch Broncos and Colorado Avalanche games. They frequently throw viewing parties with drinks specials, touchdown shots, and giveaways. If you get lucky, you might get a special appearance from the Broncos cheerleaders.

Li’L Devils Lounge

women enjoying drinks at the bar

If you prefer a more creative watering hole to a dance venue, then you’re looking for Li’L Devils. It is a tavern that serves local Colorado beers on tap and a seasonally rotating drink menu. 

The warm and cozy interior invites you to make yourself at home and enjoy an intimate time with your friends. During the summer, enjoy a drink on the large patio while you take in Denver’s welcoming air.

Clocktower Cabaret

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This is the place to visit if you are looking for entertainment outside the regular LGBTQ+ bar circuit. It is located directly under the 16th Street Mall’s Clocktower and hosts an array of shows from drag to comedy and, of course, burlesque. It’s one of the most unique things to do in the city, regardless if you’re looking for fun lesbian bars in Denver or not!

A highlight of Clocktower Cabaret is their Drag Decades show featuring Shirley Delta Blow, one of Denver’s most iconic drag queens. But aside from their amazing live entertainment, their food and drinks stand out as showstoppers as well.


women having drinks at an outdoor patio

Charlie’s Nightclub is cute, quirky, and extremely queer. This Western-themed nightclub is the perfect spot if you want to enjoy some country jams, but also like to dress a little more risqué. 

The nightclub is one of Denver’s most iconic LGBTQ+ bars and is a favorite among lesbians because there are a lot of cute girls who regularly visit the establishment. They regularly host events and have a killer outdoor patio space with the best vibes of all the gay bars in Denver.

Charlie’s has come a long way since its opening in 1981 and has strongly established itself as an integral part of Denver’s LGBTQ+ community.


two women enjoying drinks together

This is a place that you will come to love. The best part? It’s vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Sputnik offers an assortment of mouthwatering meals and signature cocktails. 

We recommend the Sweater Weather and not just because of the quirky name. The cocktail is a warming blend of Banhez Mezcal, Averna, and orange bitters. 

The restaurant also serves brunch every Saturday and Sunday until 3:00 pm. Sputnik is a fantastic spot for anyone looking for a cozy restaurant to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner with friends.

Lesbian Bars in Denver: Conclusion

women having lunch together with drinks

Although there is only one completely dedicated lesbian bars in Denver, the LGBTQ+ scene is quite prominent in the city. Whether you are a party animal, a cafe-loving introvert, or someone who adores drag shows…Denver has a queer space for you. 

And if you want views alongside your lesbian bars in Denver, check out Denver’s best rooftop bars for a different perspective on the cityscape. Don your colors, embrace who you are, and check out one, or a few, of these welcoming spaces. 

Okay, it’s Kay again! I just wanted to give another thank you and shoutout to Kara from Happening in Denver for these awesome suggestions of lesbian bars in Denver! Which one are you going to first?

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