Havana, Cuba – The ULTIMATE Travel Guide to The Country’s Capital

8 thoughts on “Havana, Cuba – The ULTIMATE Travel Guide to The Country’s Capital

  1. My Heart is in Havana <3 This post covers EVERYTHING! So great for making a confident plan for a fun time in Cuba. Thanks so much for sharing, now I need to go back haha

  2. Thanks so much for this detailed post on Havana! Lots of important info especially dealing with the currency. Do you know if Canadian $’s are exchangeable in Cuba?

  3. You probably already know that I love your writing style, but (if not) I love the way you tell a story and weave your personality throughout your writing. Cuba is on our list – not sure why we haven’t gone yet since it is so close to us in Florida. When we go, I’ll be revisiting this post again!

  4. It’s funny that I lived So close to Cuba but never went. I think that’s why I didn’t…because I already felt like I lived in Cuba. LOL. But I need to because it looks amazing.

  5. I love how Americans are all over Cuba now, and us Canadians have been going for years. Canada ftw! You put a ridiculously amazing amount of research into this so I’m totally saving for when I go!

  6. Great post! Cuba has never really been a destination on my bucket list but I should definitely add it in now. It really helps when your post touched on the culture and economic/political situation.

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